High-Mentality for High-Technology: Upgrading Product, Staff and Service
Composed of clinical psychologists, 'reverie-psy' holds indepth knowledge of the human mind – mentally and emotionally, conscious and unconscious.  
Companies and organizations can discover unknown information and experience the human-being's internal dynamics in high resolution, relating to the need and aim of their project. 
Not understanding the huge forces behind the human curtain, which actually determine everything we do and think, is like navigating with your eyes closed or trying to hear music with your ears sealed.
We suggest three main work objectives:

  1.  Product – understanding the complexity of human nature, with its ambivalence, conflicts, paradoxical feelings and so on, will enable a super-adjusted product for people, with multiple possibilities. 
    Until now, sensitive people have found the path to great products thanks to their sharp intuition. However, psychoanalysis as a huge corpus of knowledge and practice can show you the way to becoming sensitive to many fragments of nuances in human nature.   
  1. Service and Customers – the awareness of customer and potential customer fantasies, will enable an appropriate response to people’s hopes and fears when they feel the "world" is encroaching upon them. 
    In such a case, specific unconscious mechanisms come to the fore in order to defend against potential insult or to promote something with perceived value. There is always this  to-ing and fro-ing, and a good environment can help people facilitate approach rather than withdrawal. Doing so will gain people's affection and gratitude, and not just by simple procurement but in a basic way with deep loyalty and respect over time.    
  1. Staff – revealing workers’ needs, passions and fears will create a new kind of strength in the staff’s connection to the organization and enhance communication inside the working place. With such tools, management can clearly see the developing and inhibitive forces underneath the surface and lead a process of evolution. 
    Workers have a real need to be understood in as many layers of their minds as possible. This is satisfactory and flourishing for managers and workers alike, if done with the right guidance, and will facilitate creativity. This is the way to fundamentally change the function of the human's core in the company from within.   
In conclusion, the human mind is infinite in its inner perspectives and creation, as we all know from science, technology, law, finance, culture, art and so on. Our work is to psychoanalyze these great powers of nature in order to accelerate the mental and emotional resources all of us have, and develop our work, products and life itself much further.  
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